In English, this time

Posted on: septembrie 25, 2008

Well… just came back from Turkey and I’ve been proved wrong in the following:

  • muslims are crazy and strict. they don’t know how to live their life. The truth: they are fun people, with a fascinating culture.
  • brits are no fun, their jokes are too subtle to even be funny. they bitch about everything. They drink like raging alcoholics. The truth: they’re nice people, with zest for life and know how to have fun without having more alcohol than blood in their veins. They’re perfect gentlemen.
  • turks exploit their women, they’re arrogant and have no respect for anyone. The truth: they’re very nice people, I didn’t see any women been exploited and, more important, they KNOW HOW DO TO BUSSINESS. They don’t speak much English, but they do their best and they know how to entertain you!
  • people have a very bad opinion about Romanians, especially in the Western Europe. The truth: I didn’t feel discriminated at all. I think people judge you for who you are not for what your nationality is. Beside, Turks went crazy every time I said I’m Romanian. Hagi remains Romania’s best ambassador ever!
  • Romanians embarrass you (as a Romanian) when you meet them abroad. The truth: I’ve met some nice Romanians and gladly talked and ate with them. Beside, every nationality has its flaws (for instance, I met some very loud, noisy and uneducated Russians. Luckily, I’ve also met very nice, educated Russians)

All in all, these conclusions aren’t general, their just applied on this particular holiday and on the people I have met during these days.

Next stop: Paris. Prejuice: they hate anyone who speaks English instead of their precious language. They hate Romanians and call us gipsies.

Hope to be proved wrong again!!


1 Response to "In English, this time"

Bueno también te ha faltado por contar sobre los franceses….que los chicos cuando hablanh parecen un poco maricas….pero que por lo general ese acento suele gustar a las iubitas. Y que…las francesas (seg´ñun tus propias palabras) son…en fin.

Sotiita….contigo es difícil que nadie muestre su lado malo. Tu eres un ser vivo adorable. Tndré que ir yo a ver como son de verdad…que conmigo no serán tan simpáticos.

Y donde está el burka en las fotos!!

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